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What is a charter management program? Go To Home

The Charter management program is the simplest and “most painfree” way of supplying a new boat that will pay for itself over a period of just 7 years from charter incomes, with the aim of returning the invested capital to the owner and lowering the current costs as well as optimising boat maintenance costs. Should you already be a boat owner, this is a way of lowering and optimizing costs as well as a way of earning extra income. You will have the boat at your disposal for 2-3 weeks during the season and the rest of the time the vessel will be used for charter bringing an income that covers the costs of mooring, maintenance and insurance as well as part of the initial investment in the vessel.

Do you need this program?

The Charter management programe is ideal for you if any of the following questions concern you: You need help in choosing the boat to buy? You need help in deciding the way of financing the boat you intend buying? You are already a boat owner and do not have a mooring for it? You do not have a technical knowledge for the maintenance of your vessel?

Why do business with us?

Ours is a professional and well-organized charter company that offers high quality and safety standards of all our sailing boats. Our experience in renting boats makes us a reliable partner and provider of services for the final user. We adjust to market trends and yachtsmen’s needs, and get to know our customers well, ensuring that they are confident in our services and use them again and again. Simply: Besides the charter activity we also have an agency business so that a large number of bookings are done in-house Around 40% of clients come back to us every year The occupancy of the booking list is optimal, around 16-21 weeks per vessel The vessels at our base are maintained according to very high standards

Conditions of charter management

The vessel’s gross incomes make a total income sum of charter weeks based on the pricelist, less the discount given to the client. The gross income of renting a vessel is divided according to the following principle: 65% in favour of the vessel’s owner, that is the financing bearer (investor), 35% in favour of the charter company. With 35% of gross income the company covers all agency commissions for the completed booking, marketing costs (promotions, advertising, visits to trade-fairs and similar), costs of guest check in and check out of the base as well as all technical costs at the base including winter maintenance and regular boat maintenance during the charter season. From his 65 % of income, the boat’s owner (financing bearer) is required to pay an annual mooring fee, preparations of the vessel for the season, boat insurance, consumable material, an annuity to the bank or leasing house and any other administrative costs with regard to concessions and the like.
Please contact us for further detail.