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Entertainment and Business

Many businessmen have been wanting to please their important customers or colleagues in a special and unique way, especially after a long and successful collaboration. Some choose to offer a gift and sometimes that gift is a yacht charter. This is a very nice idea and definitely the customer or your partner will appreciate it. But what is really the best choice? To book a hotel somewhere in the world, which you may or may not know or participate yourself on this trip? And in which case the customer will feel better? Send him to a place who does not know and he might not like it? Or do you invite him on the yacht that you've just chartered for your holiday? Since a successful collaboration based on a percentage on human relations and certainly on good communication, we believe that it is certainly preferable to make the whole thing more "personal". If you agree with us, even using common sense you will also discover that this option has double value. When you invite a person (even in your home) he feels that you honor him and this really is a great gift. Of course when you combine this with a yacht charter holiday, then things are even better. The results obtained, we are confident that you can evaluate them, since you are a businessmen and you know very well all the benefits you get from this choice of yours.

Family Vacations

Vacations and particularly family holidays, they really have many benefits for the whole family and you surely know this. But beyond the obvious benefits, what lies behind that is the experience. Family activities and specially summer vacations create to the entire family and especially to children real memories and experiences. You create strong bonds with your children and unforgettable moments. There are many ideas, such as camping or some other type of alternative holiday. But we believe that the best option is holidays on a yacht. First of all, every moment on board gives you the opportunity to share with your family unique experiences. If you are a skipper, you have an amazing opportunity to teach but also to have fun with your children. Then the benefits of the sea and the sun are much more, even for your health both physically and mentally. While on a yacht, you have the opportunity to swim in waters where you would not have another way to reach and to see unspoiled natural landscapes of unique beauty where there is no road access. And of course the options do not stop here. Regardless of the days that you might have for your holiday, in any other case you could visit 2 or 3 different places or cities. Consider that on yachting holidays, every day you can be on a different island! And if you find a place that you really like, you just stay as long as you want. Of course, if your friends have the same expectations as yours, family holidays on a yacht along with friends and their families too, is a wonderful idea. This way, your children will have additional company, but you too also. If someone examines this whole idea from any perspective, ultimately concludes that yachting holidays are a great option to donate to yourself and your family unforgettable moments and memories that will accompany you all forever.

Wedding Proposal

You have already taken a very important decision and for this we congratulate you in advance! And since the “hard part” is over, it comes the time to "build" the perfect moment in order to make your wedding proposal! You gather family and friends trying to think not just a concept, but the concept! In other words you want that moment to be unique. And of course you need to fit to your character, as well as your partner's. Whether you romantic types, either adventurous or you simply want a peace of mind, we guarantee that if you combine your wedding proposal with a yacht charter, you will achieve the perfect wedding proposal moment! If you are romantic, let nature do "the work" for you. And really, which is the most beautiful sunset in the world of what can be seen from the Aegean Sea? Okay, we do not know if it is the best, but certainly belongs to one of the best sunsets in the world. Now, if the adventure runs in your veins and you want the moment that would make your wedding proposal to be also adventurous, then just let your imagination work. We do not suggest you to drop your partner into the sea and then throw a lifejacket in order to make a proposal of marriage, but consider this as an option :) For example, you could mount the ring on the main sails of the yacht and ask your partner to lower the sails and the moment might be continued something like that. Of course, you could train a seagull, which will land on board with the ring tied in the neck ... alright we stop here since our imagination as you can understand has no boundaries... Of course, you will know exactly what to do. The only thing for sure, is that if you finally choose to make your wedding proposal on a yacht, especially if you combine it with your holidays, then surely the moment will be memorable for both of you - and you will have lovely stories to tell to your children!

Honeymoon ... Sailing across the Turkish seas

Many couples on their wedding day are getting overwhelmed by anxiety, fear and of course nerves. This is not because everything goes wrong or they have regretted their decision. It happens because the tension and fatigue that day reaches at their peak. And all this goes on after the wedding ceremony, possibly with a wedding reception. When the newlyweds really relax? On their honeymoon of course. On honeymoon, expectations are high and we can understand this. It is a time of relaxation, entertainment, rest, fun. Every couple has their own way to relax, others want seclusion and peace, and still others want to see new places and experience the adventure. For that reason, honeymoon on a yacht is the best choice. Because it offers everything. Charter a yacht (link here to yachts page) and live the experience the way you want. For those seeking peace and isolation, now they have a real chance to live their dream holidays. Do you really believe that there is a more isolated place than being on a yacht in the middle of the Aegean or Ionian Sea? Of course, if you want to experience a honeymoon without concerns you can choose to charter a yacht with crew! The crew will be there just for you, whenever you need it! And if you want to visit some places, the truth is that you have about 1,000 unique choices! More than 1,000 islands are in Turkish seas for every taste. Really, for every taste. Of course, this should not concern you, because Turkey Sail Boat may advise you about where to go depending on your needs. On the other hand, if you are a person who wants adventure and to gather new experiences, again chartering a yacht (link here to yachts page), is the best solution. First of all you have the unique opportunity to visit beaches where there is no road access, and there are no restrictions on the places you can go. It's that simple! [photo] Every Turkish island, has its own history and its own beauty. Each island is like visiting a new place. You have so much to learn and see. And if you are a skipper the experience is even better. Imagine just the two of you exploring the numerous beaches of the Turkish islands, swim in crystal clear waters, enjoying the sun! No matter which type of holiday you prefer chartering a yacht, can offer you the honeymoon of your dreams!