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We invite you to sail around poetic beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. For 12 months of the year you can take sailing training. Get quality sailing education, and a firm understanding of sailing which will enable you to be confident sailing anywhere in the world. Leave behind the crowded city, the four walls of your home or office - it's time to meet the sea. You will receive training in Fethiye with Turkey Sail Boat approved training program which is highest quality and supported by constant supervision. At the end of the training you will enjoy sailing safely and confidently.
Training boats usually start from Fethiye. Some theory courses are also offered in the yacht. Hands-on sailing training is given as you live on the boat, 24 hours a day. As you sail around the Mediterranean coast, you can stop and drop anchor to explore the idyllic small islands. You can swim in crystal clear waters of small, secret coves. You can enjoy the unique sunsets and star-filled skies, and find peace of mind. Explore the places where historical events took place, see dolphins, flying fish and fascinating sea life. You can taste the rich Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. All this may seem like a dream when you return to normal life.

How to be prepared ?

Even though sailing training can be done in different languages, you are expected to know general terminology of sailing and boat parts in English. There are lots of different books you can read and you can get many resources on internet. It would be very useful to take advantage of these sources to learn English terminology.

What to bring to boat ?

First of all you cannot bring bulky luggage to the boat. Space is very valuable in boats. Therefore, you should use soft and foldable bag like sports bag. Life in the boat is much more simple and practical. You should avoid bringing a lot of unnecessary things as on regular vacations. Items that you bring should the practical, sporty, and should be necessary. The following list will help you in this regard.
As a requirement of modern life, many electronic devices have become part of our lives. We recommend you to leave them in home; you might bring some of them. There is only 12V power in boats unless moored to a pier which has outlets. So if you want to charge devices, you should bring car lighter adapters. Even if you bring 220V adapters, you cannot use them except some places which have power connection. Many restaurants only have limited generator power.